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Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 07 February 2012 18:16
Coming up this weekend will be the first of twelve DotA tournaments, all held within the scope of the Gigabyte Gest International DotA Cup. Until January 2013, the best teams of Asia will get at each other on two days every month, to determine the truly best and cash-in money out of the staggering $30,000 prize purse.

After the last season of the Asian DotA Championship ended in late 2010, DotA in south-east Asia experienced a recession with only few offline events featuring a tournament for the game. Now, Gigabyte and the featured platform playcybergames are about to carry on the heritage of Garena and establish a new centralized competition, that can be referred to, when arguing which teams have what it takes.

Awaiting the first tournament matches of DotA in a long time, we interivewed the official commentator and big GosuGamers contributor David 'GoDz' Parker to get his opinion on what we can expect from the event:

Gigabyte International cup will most certainly be a rough pull back to DotA for several teams in the list. Do you think the likes of Orange, MYM will be at a disadvantage in the very beginning?
Not at all. These teams are without a doubt some of the most experienced teams in the playing field. Additionally, when you have the backing of estabilished sponsors such as these teams, it becomes easier to devote time to train and make all the necessary preparations for a big event such as this one. I think these teams will be well prepared.

The event will span over twelve months, just like the former ADC used to. A problem there from a players perspective was, that there were too many games in relation to the prize money. When you compare the concepts of ADC and Gigabyte Gest, will it be appealing enough for teams to play through the entire season?
I feel the format of this tournament has managed to circumvent these previous obstacles. The entire tournament essentially consists of 12 "mini-tournaments", which run over one weekend of each month. Teams are only expected to be available over those times, as opposed to the previous free-scheduling of ADC where games were less contrencated.

Additionally, teams can still split their efforts between the two Dota games as the tournament will not require teams to be playing matches all month round. I'm sure if an interesting Dota 2 event arises for these teams they will still strive to participate in addition to their participation in the Gigabyte GEST because of the clever format used.

In the first half of 2011, up until the first teams started to train for The International, event hosting for DotA became more and more painful. Not enough casting slots, the gaming platforms are very vulvnerable to DDOS attacks and suchlike issues. Dont you wonder why somebody still wants to follow through with such a large-scale event?
At the heart of the event, is the love of Dota - from both the participating teams and the fans. I think that sums up the vision of the organizers in running a DotA event that all viewers can relate to, especially with DotA still being far bigger than Dota 2 in the SEA region.

But with regard to the concerns, I think a lot of the issues such as casting slots and scheduling came down to faults of the organizers more than anything, and was also increased by the surge in interest coming from casters. Organizers just need to recognize and accomodate for the limitations of the Dota 1 engine.

As for the DDOS issue, which falls out of the hands of organizers to a certain extent, that was an issue targetted at certain teams and when it came to official matches seemed to be part of the drama of European Dota which never reached these SEA teams. With that said, the RGC/Garena clients have undergone DDOS attacks that may have affected these teams although they were not specifically targetted. I can only hope that the new Cybergames Network Client is prepared for any issue.

Getting to the used client, Playcybergames, that you mentioned. Have you tried it before? And if yes how does playing on it feel?
I haven't had time to play or use the client, let alone even download it. I'm currently in a move across of Australia; in fact, my computer just arrived in Melbourne today, unfortunately i did not. I'll be getting there soon and will start preparing for this event then.

Regarding the very impressive tournament lineup, please share your predictions on who will do well and who won't
To be predictable, I think Mineski, MitH.Trust, and Orange will all do well. These teams are experienced, and have had some strong recent results, especially Mineski, a team I believe has the potential to blow the field away with their innovative style, but at the same time may crumble for that very reason. I definitely think it's worth looking out for the legendary Starsboba team as well as the other Filipino team Execration who are rumored to be better than Mineski (:

I think MYM are still yet to feel to comfortable enough with their new lineup and find a playstyle that suits them. What I'm really hoping for is an underdog story, maybe one will come up! (Have your say about the teams in here or the comments below)

How does getting back to commentating DotA feel for you personally. Are there any challenges involved that you need to pass? And are you looking forward to Gigabyte Gest?
I think the main challenges when switching between the games comes down to the playing of the game and the habits you get into with regard to items, shopping, and other mechanics. In terms of casting, it's still the game I've played for 5-6 years and I'm sure most casters still feel more comfortable casting DotA as opposed to Dota 2.

I secretly miss DotA immensely! The familiar graphics, the ease of control over my hero, the existence of so many heroes that I hope I will get to see (Meepo please!), make this event something I can't wait for.

Thank you very much for your opinions and predictions, is there any team you will be cheering for?
As a commentator I don't want to pick favorites! But as a fan... Tiwala lang kay julz! Bus yan!"

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