$100 Random Invitational

Posted by Good "Esc4toN" Bye at 02 February 2012 15:48
The $100 Random Invitational, organised by UED Gaming, is a sponsored 16 man double elimination tournament that will feature some of the top foreign players.

The tournament will be held on iCCup, on Sunday, 5th February, starting at 18:30CET. All players will be forced to pick Random as their race in every single game.

Round 1
Player vs Player
Poland Choosy vs Bulgaria TechnicS
Peru Terror vs Hungary Sziky
Poland SouthPark vs Hungary Ace
Finland Lossilohi vs United States Semih
Romania Flaf vs United States Michael
Poland Sneazel vs Hungary PaSs
Germany dOTY vs Hungary Kashu
Russia Pro7ect vs Chile GoTunk

The tournament has a $100 prize pool, and it will be divided to top 4 players. First player will take 50$, second 25$, third 15$ and fourth 10$.

One of the most interesting things that we will have is that in winner brackets, players will have to tell their race in the beginning, while in the loser brackets, the players will need to scout to find out the opponents race.

Whole tour will be casted by EleGant.

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