TyLoo become second Chinese team to disband

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 01 February 2012 14:08
Their former glory - DD, kabu, Hao, Faith, Awoke.

After months of competing in the Chinese scene and almost virtually no achievements to back up their worth, Chinese sponsors TyLoo have decided to release their DotA team.

Remembered for being the birthplace of star carries such as Seaking and Hao (two players who have eventually left on for greater success in and PanDa respectively), TyLoo has seen a slump ever since the departure of its core players - a brutal sight caused by countless reshuffles and retirements.

The current roster with Kssssssss (see) who returned to the scene and immediately assumed leadership of TyLoo unfortunately never found its groove and sat at the bottom tier of the competitive Chinese scene.

Even with GK returning to manage the team, TyLoo ultimately failed to accomplish anything substantial. From the recent disbandment of and TyLoo, one may almost expect to see new teams emerging (possibly a reformed EHOME) with so many free agents now left floating in the scene.

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