Nirvana.CN disbands

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 31 January 2012 12:34

Banana, Dai, Crystal (standin), Seaking, 357

After the end of the World DotA Championships, rumours spread like wild fire regarding the possibility of disbanding. manager insence has confirmed these rumours to be true and indeed Nirvana is no more.

With Nirvana forfeiting one of their recent Premier League games and showing up extremely late for another, the signs were there for those with the keen eye.

All this happened quite suddenly, but also made a lot of sense. Regrettably, because of various reasons, the Nirvana organisation has to say goodbye to all our fans and followers. We thank all our players and managers who brought us many highs and excitement these two years. We wish them all the best, as well as all the others in the eSports scene. Good Luck. Good bye.

Last year, in order to put up a fight at G-League 2011 and WGT 2012, Nirvana recruited ex-EHOME's 357 and Dai, with xiaoLuo and Guai leaving. With the tri-core of 357, Dai and KingJ, together with the experienced Banana and top-notch carry Seaking, many had high hopes for the new Nirvana side. But alas, it was not to be. Roster:
China Nv.msi.insence (Manager)
China Nv.msi.Seaking
China Nv.msi.KingJ
China Nv.msi.Dai
China Nv.msi.357
China Nv.msi.Banana

Nirvana's Achievements
2nd - U9 (2010)
1st - WCG China (2010)
2nd - National eSports Open (2010)
2nd - TopGamer (2010)
1st - Razer Global Challenge (2010)
1st - World DotA Championship (2010)
3rd - SMM Grand National DotA Tournament (2010)
1st - G-League Season 5 (2010)
2nd - World Gamemaster Tournament (2011)
2nd - Lunar New Year Cup (2011)
1st - WCG China Wuhan Qualifier (2011)
4th - E-Sports Champions League Season 2 (2011)
2nd - PLU Dota League (2011)
2nd - G1 Tournament season 2 (2011)
4th - World DotA Championship (2011)
2nd - Third Longcheng Cup (2011)
2nd - SMM Grand National DotA Tournament (2011)
4th - Hao Fang Golden League (2011)

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