The Premier League: Week 3

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 25 January 2012 10:57

We are almost a quarter of the way through in The Premier League, sponsored by TwitchTV in collaboration with DotACommentaries.

The Premier League
Philippines Mski.PColor0-2Denmark SK18/1
Malaysia MYM1-1Serbia Fnatic.MSI20/1
Romania Dignitas0-0China Nirvana.MSI21/1
China WE0-0Ukraine Na`Vi22/1
Sweden xP1-1United States EG22/1
         TeamW/D/L        PointsChange
Ukraine Na`Vi 2-0-0            6     -
Sweden xP 2-1-0            7    upgreen.jpg
United States EG 1-2-0            5    dwnred.jpg
Denmark SK 1-2-0            5    upgreen.jpg
Romania Dignitas 1-0-1            3    dwnred.jpg
Serbia Fnatic.MSI 1-1-1            4    dwnred.jpg
Malaysia MYM 0-3-0            3     -
China WE 0-1-1            1     -
China Nirvana.MSI 0-0-2            0    upgreen.jpg
Philippines Mski.PColor 0-0-3            0    dwnred.jpg

Teams such as SK and xP took the stage this week with convincing victories over their opponents and their subsequent movement up the table rankings. The former, especially, should be applauded for their side victories over two German powerhouses, Panzer and J4T, in another tournament, The Defense.

With two matches of week 3 still unplayed, it will be hard to predict how it will look like after the current week of matches are played, but Na`Vi look strong to top it again.

Meanwhile, the four Asian teams occupy the bottom four positions of the table, with Mineski disappointingly coming out last after three rounds with three consecutive losses. MYM take their third straight draw after last week's 1-1 scoreline against Fnatic.MSI.

The Premier League
25/1, 16:00 CETMalaysia MYMChina Nirvana.MSI
27/1, 19:00 CETSweden xPUkraine Na`Vi
28/1, 16:00 CETSerbia Fnatic.MSIUnited States EG
29/1, 14:00 CETChina WEPhilippines Mski.PColor
29/1, 16:00 CETRomania DignitasDenmark SK

If past rounds are any indication, this week's scheduled matches may be postponed or brought forward depending on the teams' availability. Four teams, including Na`Vi, are still behind on one match and whether or not we will see them played this week will surely affect the outcome of the rankings heavily.

Stay tuned next week for yet another update!

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