Fnatic release Iefnaij and their 2v2 team

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 21 January 2012 14:55
Photo by: HUBWUB

The foreign team undergoes yet another roster change as they say goodbye to Canadian protoss Jian Fei "IefNaij" Wang and their Spanish duo Roberto "Executor" Mascarenhas and Javier "Iezael" Parra.

Fnatic state that both Iefnaij and Executor have decided to go inactive, stepping out of professional StarCraft 2. With his terran partner gone, Iezael will also depart the foreign roster, that now consists of four players only.

- "Today we part ways with IefNaij, IeZaeL & Roberto," wrote Fnatic manager Elroy Pinto. "These 3 while not in the spotlight all the time have been great support players for our StarCraft 2 team. It saddens me to let them go but unfortunately with IefNaij and Roberto going inactive we have to let them go. IeZaeL has been a great person to have on the team as well, he's always very enthusiastic and I wish him the best in finding an active 2v2 partner and continuing his appearences in tournaments."

FnaticRaidCall SC2 roster:
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Korea Rain
Romania NightEnd
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