Team Shakira's New Bite

Posted by David "BTS.GoDz" Parker at 13 January 2012 03:45
Team Shakira - photo from

After an already prosperous month for the Dota 2 scene where numerous teams have been picked up by sponsors, it seems the gold rush is not over yet.

As one of the strongest European teams without a sponsor, Team Shakira went 4-1 in their Defense group and placed 4th at Dreamhack Winter 2011. Team Shakira have had their last show and will now be performing under the tag of France WesternWolves

WesternWolves team roster:

France Titouan 'Sockshka' Merloz (C)
France Thibault 'Funzii' Calonne
France Sebastien 'FckngMad Debs
France Pierre-Baptiste 'Ph0eNiiX' Petiet
France Antoine 'Dhany' L'Hotellier
France Fabien 'Shiba' Turgis (Manager)

The team will look to continue their winning streak in The Defense where they will meet the likes of mTw, SK, and N9 in the second group stage. They are also competing in the dota2replays Brawl and the Infused Dota 2 Cup. The French captain, Sochshka, believes that with the new sponsor "we will be able to prove ourselves and to play at our best level".

Be sure to check out the WesternWolves this weekend in The Brawl's qualifiers.