Team Infused announce Dota 2 Tournament

Posted by Matt "Blue_Knight" J at 08 January 2012 20:21
UPDATE All the slots have been filled now, by some of the best teams currently competing in Dota 2. Amongst the final teams to confirm their participation in the tournament are Na'Vi, Evil Geniuses and the current GosuGamers Rankings leaders Natural 9.

All of the matches will be in a best-of-one format, with the exception of the loser bracket final and the grand final, which will both be best-of-three affairs.

Luminous of DotACommentaries will be providing stream and shoutcasting coverage for selected matches in the early rounds, and joinDOTA's TobiWan is set to cast the semi and grand finals.


Infused Dota 2 Tournament
Invited Teams
Sweden Team Infused
Ukraine Na'Vi
Russia Moscow 5
Australia Natural 9
United States co9.GDT
Singapore AEONSports
Europe myRevenge e.V.
Romania Team Dignitas
Ukraine eSahara
Sweden mTw
Denmark SK-Gaming
United States Its GoSu
Netherlands LowLandLions
United States Evil Geniuses
Germany Mousesports
Serbia Fnatic.MS
France TeamShakira
Sweden KonKi
Europe Reason Gaming
Germany Panzer
Germany Team Replika
Romania Last Gamers
Sweden eXperience
United States FIRE
Sweden ND9
Russia Team-Empire
Europe Epidemic
Sweden BX3
Argentina DotaGamerz
Sweden Keita-Gaming
Germany Just Dota 2
As if there weren't already enough competitions taking place this month, the Team Infused organisation announce a new tournament of their own.

Taking place on the weekend of 28th/29th of January, the Infused Dota 2 Tournament, sponsored by Tt eSPORTS and Club3D, will feature up to 32 teams in a winner/loser brackets knock-out format. The competing teams will battle it out for the prize of a range of high-end gaming gear.

Team Infused, formerly known as EmoCore and Druidz, are of course the first team on the list.

With such a star-studded lineup of teams participating, big things will be expected of all of them.

Infused Dota 2 Tournament - Prizes
First Place5 x Club3D Radeon HD 6850 Graphics Card, 5x Shock Spin HD Headset, 5 x Theron Mouse, 5 x White-Ra Mousepad
Second Place5 x Shock Headset, 5 x Black M ouse, 5x Conkor Mousepad
Third Place5 x Azures Mini Mouse, 5 x Dasher Mousepad, 5 x Battle Dragon Bag

Team Infused - Official Website
Facebook - Tournament Flyer