MYM reforms with former MUFC players

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 04 January 2012 20:27
Former MUFC roster at SMM 2011

After a long drought in the competitive scene, old powerhouse Meet Your Makers (MYM) is back with a new lineup in anticipation of the upcoming Dota 2 season - four players formerly from MUFC will now join forces with and under the leadership of Benedict "hyhy" Lim.

The following is a statement from MYM's captain, Hyhy:

Singapore Benedict "Hyhy" Lim

The MYM Dota 2 team as we know it, has not been performing. Efforts in coping with the departures of ice, roy, xy for the army has also been without success. I've personally been sourcing for both local and regional players, but none of which available, quite meet the MYM level of play.

Playing with MUFC players began as a casual joint-effort in pubstomping. Then with certain internal issues arising within the MUFC team concurrently, successes in raping asian pubs saw us through to a possible partnership between MUFC and MYM.

After much thought and negotiation, we've finalised the new MYM D2 lineup.

Apologies to the true MYM fans and management for the past months.

We will do better from now on.

*Quote from joinDOTA

MYM will henceforth replace MUFC in the Premier League. The new roster will continue under observation until MYM makes their first break in the competitive scene - needless to say, much awaits us.

Singapore Benedict Han Yong 'Hyhy' Lim (Captain)
Malaysia Daniel Wei Khit 'TFGood' Wong
Malaysia Raymond 'Sharky' Wong
Malaysia Woi Cheong 'Ling' Sim
Malaysia Wai Pern 'Net' Lim
Malaysia Chin Yi 'Chenizace' Chen (Manager)