Xeris reforms Team Light

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 03 January 2012 11:18
Photo by: Hubwub

Duran "Xeris" Parsi, ex-manager of Team Fnatic, has announced the SC2 rebirth of his old Brood War team Light. Xeris has attracted both fresh faces and old acquaintance with KawaiiRice among the latter.

Team Light was previously one of the most popular foreign Brood War teams and after its disbandment in early 2010, many of its players grew up to be of the brightest SC2 community figures. Ex-Light players like TT1, KawaiiRice and Gretorp were shortly reunited under the management of Xeris once again at the roster of Fnatic's StarCraft 2 team.

Duran Parsi left Fnatic in December 2011 to "move on to new challenges" and KawaiiRice shortly followed his departure, stating that the team atmosphere is no longer the same with the absence of all his friends. The two will now be the core of the reborn Team Light.

Team LighT roster
United States KawaiiRice
United States Binski
United States Heavens
United States Caliber

- "A few months ago I thought seriously about re-creating LighT and applying everything I’ve learned to build a strong team and give my players every opportunity to succeed and grow as individuals", says Parsi. "I have no illusions about the challenges that await but I am happy and have a great group of people around me who will hopefully get as much out of this journey as myself!"

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