Jah & Friends win It's Gosu December HoN Invitational

Posted by Joshua "ASWAY" Ouellette at 31 December 2011 02:30
The It's Gosu December HoN Invitational has come to a end. Jah & Friends were able to take out the tournament by beating Team It's Gosu 2-1 in the finals.

With big names like FnaticMSI, Frenetic Array and Team Mynuts (formerly known as LION) being knocked out in the first round, Jah & Friends didn't have the easiest road to the finals. In round one, they had to play tdM, who at the time were using Mr.Swish as a ringer. They were able to beat tdM 2-0 and advance to the semi-finals.

In round two, Jah & Friends played against Orange eSports, who took Team Bacon Warriors' spot in the tournament. After three games, Jah & Friends were able to pull through and beat Orange eSports. Trademark eSports was not the only team who used a ringer in the tournament; Frenetic Array used Tkolol and former WHP/Evil Geniuses player Yoda. FnaticMSI used Conjuren, which is SemiJew's smurf. Not only did this tournament have some huge upsets in round one, but it was also filled with ringers.

Brackets shown here:

If you were unable to catch yesterday's action, don't worry. Honcast is currently live doing a replay cast of the finals between It's Gosu and Jah & Friends. Also, the VoDs from yesterday's tournament, casted by It's Gosu, can be found in the link down below.

It's Gosu - Bracket
Honcast - Replay Cast
It's Gosu - VoDs