MVP, NesTea and Idra to share a group in 2012 GSL Season 1

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 30 December 2011 16:53
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The randomly generated Ro32 groups for the next GSL season are here and every single one is so stacked with high tier players that it's hard to pinpoint the group of death. Both foreigners have been assigned a pool with present and former champions, making their upcoming GSL experience a grand challenge.

Naturally, community's look is immediately drawn to the two non-Korean players in the pool. SEn will sit in current champion's Group A along with two other prominent players: aside from Jjakji, those are The Emperor SlayerS_Boxer and his team-mate Ganzi. Statistically speaking, SEn's ZvT is his weakest match-up so the Taiwanese star will have it incredibly hard coming out of this Ro32 group.

The other foreign invite, Idra, will have a no easier experience, as his shares a group with currently the most accomplished SC2 player for 2011 IMMvp as well his teammate NesTea: another three-times GSL champion. In addition, FXO's Lucky - the runner-up for IPL 3 - is also present in there, making Group C one of the deadliest in the tournament.

2012 GSL Season 1 Groups
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Korea JjakjiKorea LeenockKorea MvpKorea Oz
Korea BoxerKorea FinKorea LuckyKorea Curious
Taiwan SenKorea SupernovaUnited States IdraKorea Bomber
Korea GanziKorea MCKorea NesTeaKorea Inca
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Korea MMAKorea ScKorea AliveKorea Puzzle
Korea GumihoKorea JYPKorea BrownKorea Parting
Korea YuGiOhKorea DongRaeGuKorea HappyKorea Keen
Korea ZenioKorea GeniusKorea MarineKingKorea Nada

Group B is also a subject of great attention, as it is to feature an oGs team-kill between MC, Fin and Supernova as well as Providence champion and Code S November runner-up Leenock. Group B is also one of the only three groups where all races are present, the other being groups D (Oz, Curious, Bomber and Inca) and F (sC, JYP, DongRaeGu, Genius).

Be reminded that the 2012 season of the GSL will feature an entirely new format as compared to this years' tournaments. The matching process in the groups will go as before, but the games will no longer be a Bo1 but a Bo3 instead. Because of this extension, only one group a day will be broadcasted, making the average duration of a tournament longer than before. The Ro32 groups are drawn via a RNG and the Ro16 ones will be determined via a group nomination ceremony (for the first 2012 tournament the latter will be broadcaster on January 20th).

The the top two from each group will advance to the next round until they reach the top 8 single elimination bracket that is to determine the GSL champion.

The first tournament for the year 2012 will kick off on January 9th with Ro32 Group A.

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