Na`Vi follow TR into D2SC grand final

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 11 December 2011 17:13

Natus Vincere edged out Mousesports in two quick games, allowing them to play for their fifth major championship title in 2011, following GamesCom, ESWC and two ASUS cups.

As Dire in game one, Na`Vi guarded their hard carry Anti-Mage with two supporters on mid lane, who was to face the eventually inferiour Faceless Void and Dazzle of Mouz. Dendi expectedly won his solo lane in the one-sided duel Enigma versus Venomancer, while the remaining solo Light of Heaven (Windrunner in both games) was forced into the passive role by Night Stalker and Ancient Apparition.

Caused by the beneficial laning situation overall, Na`Vi got up 3:0 early on and built up a substantial gold advantage through regular regular creep kills. Mouz then turned the score even and managed to switch Faceless Void in farming mode, followed by a passive phase that lasted until the 25th minute.

The by that time occurring fight was won by Na`Vi, due to Mouz misinterpreting the situation and moving their carries out of the hot area. Costly so, as the Radiant lost three heroes and one tower, which enabled XBOCT to pull ahead in the, until then even race against Faceless Void. Later occurring team fights did not end much better, seeing Na┬┤Vi expanding their lead and eventually conquering the base for the 1:0.

The second game then shaped out to be a mere show off in yellow and blue, seeing excellent performances by Chen, Earthshaker and foremost Nerubian Weaver. Mousesports simply found themselves outplayed and steamrolled during many fights, which were primarily initiated by AA's Echoslam. XBOCT on Nerubian Weaver meanwhile, had even two huge moments seeing him take on three mouz-heroes on the bottom right secret shop and escape a death trap near bottom entrance of the Dire's base shortly afterwards. Possibly wounded heroes were sent home by Puppey on Chen just in time, and Dendi's hooks followed by immediate Fissures and Rail Shots let every gank turn into a safe kill.

RelegationSemi FinalGrand Final

Russia The Retry
Ukraine eSahara

France Team Shakira
Ukraine Na`Vi
Russia Moscow5
Russia The Retry

Europe Mousesports
Ukraine Na`Vi

Russia The Retry
Ukraine Na`Vi

Na`Vi therefore advance to the Star Championship grand final, where The Retry will wait on stage at 21:00 CET.