Quantic Gaming and Incredible Miracle part ways

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 04 December 2011 10:23

As of December 2nd, Quantic Gaming and Incredible Miracle are no longer in joint partnership. The parties put an end to their cooperation less than two months after its creation.

Quantic Gaming and Increcible Miracle formed the QIM partnership on October 21st with the goal of helping Korean players attend foreign events and vice versa. The most notable fruit of the QIM cooperation was NesTea's first attendance at an MLG event in Providence, where he was accompanied by team-mates Mvp and Losira.

Quantic and Incredible Miracle part ways amicably and in mutual agreement.

Dong-Hoon Kang, IM coach and manager:
"I am sorry – to all the QIM fans who have supported us – for having to announce the end of this partnership. I really hope that in the future Quantic will become the best international eSports team. We will both seek to maintain a good relationship and I hope to stay friends in the future. I highly appreciate Mark and our friends at Quantic for their kind support, understanding and sincere cordiality."

Mark Ferraz, Founder and CEO of QG:
“I regret that our time together was short; both of us were sincere when we initially expressed our desire for a deep & lengthy partnership. I am glad, however, that the time our teams had together was enjoyable and productive - especially the QIM Fan Event we held at Providence. Together, we will complete our immediate participatory competition obligations that remain, as well as continue to support one another into the future through friendship.”

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