SMM update: EG officially out

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 04 December 2011 05:57
We just recieved word from the tournament administration that Evil Geniuses have been disqualified, after missing the deadline for their match against Kingsurf-JJ. This erases all hope of a regular SMM-conclusion by the westerners.

EG-player Rasmus "MiSeRy-" Filipsen announced a boycott of the remaining rounds yesterday already, after his team suffered defeat against MiTH in the second attempt to complete their winner bracket quarter final. Prior, EG have taken control in the first encounter before MiTH captain Tnk disconnected around the 15-minute-mark, leading the administration to decide on a rematch, which the Thais won later.

The offer of MiTH to go for a third game to decide the series recieved a lot of public support, driven by the hope to find a peaceful solution, but could not be realized due to lack of time, setting EG's further tournament path in the lower bracket in stone.

As EG did not appear at the venue throughout the day and missed the date of their next match by now, the disqualification just became official and Kingsurf-JJ proceed to the next round.

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