Chinese teams lead SMM groups on day 2

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 03 December 2011 07:22

The second day of SMM 2011 has begun, with a lot more progress being made, than yesterday. While the main area had to suffer from technical issues, caused by the main stage as well, the tournament is now seeing brighter times with the stream still disconnecting, but many matches getting completed in either area. Neccessarily so, as a lot of catching up has to be done.

A look at the chart below discloses that Chinese teams have taken control in their groups throughout the day, as neither LGD, nor iG, nor Nirvana, nor DK have lost so far and are therefore on a good way to dodge each other in the first playoff-round.

Local heroes MSPR and Orange as well as MUFC have caught a good start in their groups as well and are expected to qualify alongside the Thai hopes, represented in Neolution and MiTH. Singapore remains struggling to get a team qualified. The currently best shot at passing the challenge have AEON in group A.

Unexpectedly high placed are tier-4-ranked Orange 2 and preliminary-winner Invasion-Red who turned their groups upside down, making the higher seeded Kingsurf-JJ and EG fight hard for a top-16 finish.

In the broadcasted games KDR20 and PMS.Asterisk fell victim to DK, respectively in two onesided games. Currently playing are The.Net.Com (EctN) and MUFC for pole position in group A.

Group A
Group B
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
Malaysia MUFC206Malaysia Orange 2216
Singapore Aeon113Thailand MiTH.Trust216
Philippines The.Net.Com123Malaysia Typhon.Sierra113
Malaysia Plainwater010Malaysia Kingsurf-JJ113
Other ----000Brunei RedSpade030
Group CGroup D
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
Malaysia MSPR206China Nirvana.cn309
Indonesia XT103Malaysia Blaze City113
Indonesia Velocy Hyper216Thailand Neolution113
Malaysia PSK133Singapore PMS.Asterisk030
Malaysia Yeah020Other -----000
Group EGroup F
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
China iG206China DK309
myanmar.png G7216Malaysia KDR20123
Malaysia FTZ103Malaysia V6113
Thailand iDeal123Singapore Immortality113
Malaysia Sino030Other Typhon.int020
Group GGroup H
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
Malaysia Orange216China LGD309
Philippines Mineski206Malaysia Invasion-Red206
Singapore AMG[FaZe]226United States EG113
Malaysia Leap OC020Malaysia GNA020
Malaysia Skeptical010Singapore Aye030

28 games are yet to be played in the group stage, before the first playoff-round can begin.