The next step in GosuCup

Posted by Marius "LML" Zächer at 29 November 2011 00:06
The last qualifier was played last night and we now have 12 players for the groupstage. Find out about the groups below.

Video by Dan1870220133262

With two more additions to the current playerpool for the groupstage, we are finally ready to enter the groupstage of the $100 GosuCup Season 1.
The groupstage will leave 8 of the 12 players for the next round, which will also introduce the newest ProLeague maps into the map pool.

The groups are containing 3 players, where each player will face each other once in a best of three, with each group having a different starting map. Each individual game counts as a point, so losing 1-2 still gives you a point, while 0-2 does not.
The two players with the most wins per group will advance, in case of a tie there will be a second round of best of three, in case of a repetive tie, the games will be reduced to best of one in the next repeat.
As usual the playing time is scheduled for Sunday, 19:00 CET.

This Sunday two more players qualified, the last two for this season, and they were non others than the Polish Zerg player, ZZZero, and his fellow country man ,LRM)Choosy, who plays Protoss, except that he plays Zerg against other Protoss players.

As usual we got a couple of words from the two qualified.

Did you think you would make it after seeing the bracket at first?

ZZZero: Yes (smiles). I was good 2 years ago, now I'm trying to come back.
Choosy: Yes, I was only scared about Mazur, his PvZ is very nice.

Who was your hardest opponent?

ZZZero: LRM)Handy was my hardest opponent.
Choosy: Jumperer was the hardest, he is a very nice PvZ player.

What is your impression of the event so far?

ZZZero: It's very good, I'm happy that there are still some people who aren't letting StarCraft die (smiles).
Choosy: No idea, at the moment I am so happy about my first place.

The groups have already been released and starting maps are for both matches the players play in their group with each group having a different starting map.
The map pool is the standard map pool for the groupstage, consisting of Alternative 1.3, Neo Beltway 2.0, New Bloody Ridge 2.1, Neo Aztec 2.1 and Circuit Breakers 1.0.

The groups look like the following.

$100 GosuCup Groupstage, December 4th
Group A (Neo Beltway 2.0)Group B (Neo Aztec 2.1)
Poland SouthParkHungary sas.Sziky
Poland gNs.I-trutaCzFinland Nb.Lossilohi
Poland ZZZeroBulgaria LRM)TechnicS
Group C (Circuit Breakers 1.0)Group D (New Bloody Ridge 2.1)
Russia reps)Pro7ecTPeru Nb.TerrOr.
Germany LRM)BakuryuPoland LRM)Choosy
Italy iFU.AlfiOUnited States Michael

As usual Sayle is going to cast the games over on his channel which also holds VOD's of the qualifiers. Those VOD's are also cut down to the single games and to be found on his YouTube channel.

Please note that the Round of Eight will contain the new ProLeague maps added into the current map pool, so prepare for the new maps!
Also make sure to read the rules beforehand, not knowing the rules are your own fault and might add delay to the tournament.
Below is a map pack containing this round's maps and also all the new maps already out.

Links - Groups and brackets of qualification tournaments - Download the mappack - Sayle's stream