DHW Dota 2: The groups

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 24 November 2011 22:30

The groups for tomorrow's DreamHack Dota 2 main event have been drawn, enabling us to finally take a look at who faces who at what time.

Vengeance Corsair Dota 2 Championship
Group 1Group 2
Denmark SK
France TeamShakira
Sweden Nook1e
Sweden ND9-1
Serbia fnatic
Sweden BX3
Sweden WHB
Sweden BlitZ

Out of the four invited teams, favoured SK and fnatic have been paired with one challenger each and would theoretically meet in the grand final, should both come first in their group and pass the first knock-out match afterwards.

While reaching the semi finals is enough for the qualifying teams to move on the group stage, the result of that match affects the seeding within the groups. Therefore, a winning team of a semi final in the qualifier will get to meet the loser of the other bracket's semi final and the other way round. The semi finals are currently in progress, winning teams will be filled in accordingly.

Group 1 will open tomorrow's tournament day at 10:00 CET, Group 2 will follow at 14:00 CET.

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