430: 'Only international teams can throw us off our feet'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 22 November 2011 06:30

With news of the final iG roster still pending, all eyes are on the ten iG players who have been effectively sentenced to a state of limbo. But with Chinese tournaments proceeding on regardless, ECL (currently in its third season) staff approached 430 for a short interview, discussing the state of his team.

Give us a short introduction of yourself.
-"Hi everybody, I'm 430 from Invictus Gaming."

Recently, the Chinese eSports scene has been engulfed in a storm of chaos and changes. iG has also decided to merge its two teams. How is the chemistry going along with the current merged team?
-"We're still in the midst of it. I guess we would have to wait till we play at actual competitions to see if we have evened out the 'finer details' of our play."

Someone from DK let on that the merged team lost to them while the five players who left took two consecutive wins against them. Is it true? And if so, why?
-"I'm not too sure... Wait.. really?"

Who do you think will be your strongest opponent at ECl and WGT?
-"I guess all the teams - many teams have switched players around. It would definitely feel like we are playing against a new opponent, so it's hard to predict the outcome. I still have faith in my team though!"

Any thoughts to share on ZSMJ's departure?
-"I didn't really follow that; Well, I just hope that his new life goes well and smoothly."

With Sylar in LGD from WE and 357 & Dai in, do you think these two teams can now reach new levels of DotA and finally dethrone DK?
-"It still depends on their team chemistry. For example, you throw in a new guy, and what you get in the final concoction is LGD's consecutive victory against DK (at DCG)."

I heard you guys have been practicing new strategies lately. Will we see some of them at the offline finals?
-"I think nothing 'out-of-the-blue' will come out from the Chinese scene at the moment. Only international teams have lineups that can really throw us off our feet. Now, I have started to watch international replays once in a while, and see if we can make any breakthroughs in Chinese strategy before the others."

Are you looking forward to the release of 6.73? Using your intuition, do you think the new heroes will be auto-ban/pick material?
-"I think the next metagame shift will be towards late-game magic DPS dependence. It would be like 6.59, where we saw late-game magic DPS overpowering physical DPS."

Do you guys train Dota 2 on a regular basis?
-"No, not at all."

Alright, thank you for the interview. Final shoutouts?
-"A big thanks to all our supporters, we'll work hard for future results."

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