Stephano wins IPL4 UK to cash in $10,000 USD

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 21 November 2011 12:10
Stephano. Photo by: Cameron Carson/GAMING.MSI.COM

French Zerg Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri took first place in the IGN ProLeague Season 4 UK Qualifiers held at the November LAN event insomnia44. This after a 4-2 win over Kim "TAiLS" Won Hyung in the grand finals.

The United Kingdom LAN event acted as playground for a qualifier for the fourth season of the IGN ProLeague. 16 players qualified from the BYOC tournament, 13 were invited and three players came in from the online qualifiers to culminate in a 32-man double elimination tournament.

And with top tier Koreans Ryung and TAiLS and European stars like White-Ra, ThorZaIN and SaSe, the competition was fierce. But it was the October sensation Stephano who swept through the bracket like a tornado.

The grand final saw Stephano take the series 4-2 over TAiLS after a 2-0 advantage coming from the upper bracket.

Stephano's IPL4 UK Qualifier run:
France Stephano 2-0 United Kingdom MXfive
France Stephano 2-0 China DreAm
France Stephano 2-1 Netherlands Grubby
France Stephano 2-0 Sweden Bischu
France Stephano 2-0 Sweden SaSe
France Stephano 4-2 Korea TAiLS

Tournament upsets include Aleksey "White-Ra" Krupnyk getting eliminated early by Markus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf in the lower bracket after a tough Protoss mirror game versus Jesper "Bischu" Johansson in the upper bracket.

BlinG. Photo by:

Homefield player Samayan "BlinG" Kay did one of his best tournaments, ending in split fifth place. He defeated the TeamLiquid Starleague champion Thorzain 2-0 in the upper bracket.

- "Obviously I'm feeling really happy and really good about it. I knew I could take him but I wasn't sure if I was gonna, but I'm happy I did," said BlinG in an interview with UpCloseGamers.

- "I kind of know his style, I know he's a really safe player so I kinda played to that and I was in the first game he went for a really fast expand so I went for a double expand myself and he didn't scout it and I got ahead and just played a macro game and obviously had the advantage the whole game so I managed to take that."

- "The second game was quite close actually, I did a three-gate pressure into expand which didn't go too well. I didn't do any damage whatsoever so he was really far ahead and then he did a ghost timing attack which actually killed half of my probes at my natural and I thought I was down. But I had better upgrades than him, I had like 2-1 and charge and I just made a bunch of zealots and then just rolled him. I've killed him like three times with that strategy so I think he's probably kicking himself a bit for that," said BlinG.

The Englishman lost to his team mate Bischu in the following round, but was able to reach the sixth round of the lower bracket after wins over Maurizio "StarEagle" Carioti and Jonathan "DarKFoRcE" Belke before his IPL journey ended with a 0-2 loss against Kim "Ryung" Dong Won.

IPL4 UK Qualification Final standings

1. France Stephano (Millenium) $10,000
2. Korea TAiLS (compLexity.MVP) $5,000
3. Sweden SaSe (Quantic Gaming) $2,000
4. Korea Ryung (SlayerS) $1,000
5/6. United Kingdom BlinG (Dignitas) $500
5/6. Sweden Bischu (Dignitas) $500
7/8. Germany DarKFoRcE (Alternate aTTaX) $500
7/8. United Kingdom DeMusliM (Evil Geniuses) $500

The winner of the qualifier were to receive a place in the IGN ProLeauge 4 finals with flight and accomodation, but since Stephano is already qualified from winning IPL3, the place was given to TAiLS.