Foreigners storm Code A November

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 14 November 2011 10:52

All three foreign players will get on with their GSL matches today, November 14th, as every StarCraft 2 fan is eager to see if Sase, Naniwa and SeleCT can make it through.

SeleCT will be the one to open today's series of Code A games as he goes against NS HoSeo protoss Tassadar. For a long time, Tassadar has been a Code A regular, even enjoying a second place finish in July so he definitely does not lack a stage experience. The same goes for Dignitas' terran as well, of course, as he enters the match with the beastly 61% TvP win ratio and multiple successes in foreign tournaments, including first place at the NA Invitational and two MLG top threes.

Two Swedes are also bound to learn their fate today, as Naniwa faces Lucky and Sase goes against JYP. Lucky has also had his fair share of Code A appearances, his best being a Top 8 finish in October but his greatest achievement thus far is his third place at IPL 3: Origins, going over players like Ret, Ryung, Boxer and MMA. As far as PvZ is concerned, however, Naniwa comes as the strong favorite statistics-wise. The Swede enjoys a healthy 63% win ratio and way more televised matches than his opponent. The FXO zerg, however, should not be underestimated at all.

Sase's opponent is TSL's protoss JYP. JYP has two Code A top 8's to his account and is a very formidable opponent to the Swede. These protosses enter the match with a beastly statistics to back them up, both enjoying over 66% mirror win ratio. With such equal records, there can be no telling which way this protoss mirror will go.

This plentiful Code A day is scheduled to begin in just a few minutes, at 11:10 CET. Can the foreign contenders roll through their opponents to plunge deeper into the tournament remains to be seen.