DotaCommentaries hosts the Cassio Cup

Posted by Brett "Brettis" C at 03 November 2011 17:26

DotaCommentaries announced a new online tournament named 'Cassio Cup' , to be held on the 6th of November. The tournament will boast a $400 prize for the winning team!

This is an online invitational, one day tournament with 16 of the finest European teams battling it out. The tournament will be played on normal DotA as opposed to Dota 2. With some great teams lined up to play, we look forward to some great games.

The 16 invited teams are as followed:

France Virus
Macedonia GC
Germany FY
Sweden EMC
Bulgaria esG
Germany Panzer
Finland Seppo
Europe CC
Serbia Decerto
Denmark FTC
Sweden FUBAR
Europe STK
Sweden YouBoat
Europe KoS
Germany GRB

DotaCommentaries - Cassio Cup