GosuGamers holding 2<sup>nd</sup> ROCCAT Gear-Up DotA Cup

Posted by kyle "svengetspumped" mcgrath at 31 October 2011 00:19

In the second installment of the ROCCAT Gear-Up DotA Cup, the Gosucrew is offering the chance for more teams to compete for even bigger prizes than before! Will your team be the ones take home the gear and the glory?

Does your team have the determination and drive to navigate a tough 64-team field in the 2nd ROCCAT Gear-Up DotA Cup? If so, then your team will be taking home 5 ROCCAT Kulo gaming headsets worth 49 Euros each! Use the information below to sign up on October 31st and take home the goods.


This tournament is set to be a single elimination style event with 64 teams competing this upcoming Wednesday, November 2nd and Thursday, November 3rd. The first match will be played Wednesday at 18:00 CET. The finals will be a best-of-3 match for the ROCCAT gaming headsets.

Basic setup information for all those interested:

- Head over to and log in using your GosuGamers account. If you do not have an account, registration is free and will allow you to join the upcoming fray.

- Before you can create or join a team, you must add your game account by viewing your profile.

Setting up your team:

- Team captains will need to create their team. Go to ‘my teams’ to create a new one. Once there, type in the usernames of all the people you want to invite. These have to be their accounts, not their RGC accounts! You also always have the option of adding more users later as well as customizing the team's profile with pictures or changing the name should the need arise.

- Team members that have been invited will receive an email in the account they used to register with GosuGamers. Simply follow its instructions to join the team.

Registering for the tournament:

- Teams can sign up starting on Monday, October 31st at 18:00 CET. The default server,, is being used for this competition.

- After you have a team, you can go to the ‘tournaments’ section of the website and check for our tournament. Click on our tournament and register for it. You may need to select the specific players that you want to join. If your team contains more than 5 players, the site should ask you to select your team members.

- Make sure to check the date and check-in period. (note: check-in time may not be visible yet, but check-in starts 60 minutes prior to the tournament and ends when the tournament begins)

- Check-in within the check-in period. It is necessary for teams to check-in on time, or the system may remove you from the tournament! This can be done by going to the tournament and clicking on the check-in button.

Once the tournament gets started, the tournament site will place the teams in their brackets and update as the tournament progresses. There is no longer an external site for brackets, and you can always come back to the website to check the current progression for the tournament.

On behalf of the entire Gosucrew, thank you for making the first ROCCAT Gear-Up DotA Cup a success. We look forward to having the 2nd Cup be even better. Best of luck to all those participating!

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