SMM Grand National opens registration for international teams

Posted by Terrence "MrBlue" Wong at 28 October 2011 18:23

Can EHOME defend their crown this year?

SMM Grand National DotA Tournament is just around the corner and registration for international teams is finally open. So if your team is interested, hurry up and register.

Teams eligible to register themselves as an international team are countries that do not have an official SMM qualifier which are Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Teams from every other country are welcome to register.

As announced by SMM's Head tournament admin, Tong Teck Lim on DotA Talk, there will be a limit of teams coming from one country. The exact limit is unknown at the moment, but it will be a maximum of either three or four teams per country. Defending champions, EHOME, will not count towards the country limit.

In addition, there will be a maximum number of 64 teams for the event, with 36 of them being reserved for the qualified Malaysian teams. So better be quick if you want to stand a chance at participating in this event.

If there are more teams registering for their countries, teams will be prioritized based on a first come first serve basis. Proof of travel will be required to secure a slot for any team.

Registration link is available below and deadline for registration is 20th November 2011 (GMT+8)

SMM Grand National DotA Finals
Tournament Details
Date:2nd-4th December 2011
Venue:Mid Valley Exhibition Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Prize distribution
Champion:RM 55,000(~$18,000) Cash + Trophy + Sponsored product
1st Runner Up:RM 25,000(~$8,000) Cash + Trophy + Sponsored product
2nd Runner Up:RM 16,000(~$5,000) Cash + Trophy + Sponsored product
4th Place:RM 10,000 Cash(~$3,000) + Sponsored Product
5th Place:RM 4,000 Cash(~$1,300) + Sponsored Product
6th Place:RM 3,000 Cash(~$1,000) + Sponsored Product
7th Place:RM 2,000 Cash(~$650) + Sponsored Product
8th Place:RM 1,500 Cash(~$500) + Sponsored Product

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