'Trust is a good team with some potential.'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 25 October 2011 17:57
YYF with 830 and Chuan (front)

Before bagging the gold at E-Sports Champions League, DotA 178 managed to get a hold of iG.Y captain YYF for a short interview. iG.Y has since defeated iG.Z to walk away 20,000 RMB ($3,100) richer from the tournament.

Hi YYF, give us a short introduction.
-"Hello everybody, I'm iG.Y's YYF."

How do you feel about this season's ECL?
-"It was managed very professionally and the atmosphere on site feels really good."

I noticed recent role switches in your team. What are your members' roles now?
-"Actually, apart from Chuan and I switching roles (Chuan to carry and YYF to solo-mid), the other members have stayed the same."

Any new strategies?
-"We've been practicing with Pandaren Brewmaster, Dragon Knight and others recently and managed to use them to great effect."

What are your thoughts on Thai team MitH.Trust?
-"They are a good team with some potential, and their strategies mainly emphasize a strong dual-core lineup."

Thank you for your time. Any words for your fans?
-"We'll work hard to attain something. Thank you for all your support."

*A few questions and answers were repeated from a previous interview and hence left out.

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