UPDATE: Dota 2 betting replaced!

Posted by Michael "sabmud" Sch√łnning at 23 October 2011 17:30 is sorry to inform you that the ESWC Dota 2 betting contest has been shut down.

A constant overload on our servers and an accidentally false Gosubet result made it impossible for us to redo everything in due time.

However, we promised a contest and a contest you will get; read on how you will be able to bet for your very own Dota 2 beta key!

The new contest will be a simpler version of the GosuBet contest. Due to the convenience caused by our previous contest, we have decided to throw in an additional 20 beta keys, rounding it to a total of 60 beta keys in this tournament!

Fresh start from Monday: Since some of you might have reset their tangos several times, we will start counting with the first match tomorrow between Orange and BX3.

Instead of basing it on the number of branches, we will base it on the number of correct bets placed in the ESWC tournament.
This means if you have to reset your branches, it will not impact the score however, as we will have a collective list following each game of whom the winners of the individual matches.

So to give an example:

At the end of ESWC, I have made a total of 12 bets. 9 wrongly, 3 correctly placed. The three correct bets will be collected in a list of all the participants, and a raffle contest will be issued for the 60 beta keys (you can only attain one beta key per user). More correct entries ensure a higher chance to get chosen.

Do note, that all winners will be issued an investigation for multi accounting, and if we are to find any (whether they have placed bets or not) you will be automatically disqualified, and the next user on the list will be handed the beta key.

So start betting, who knows - maybe you will win a beta key?

E: Pro tip from a fellow user:
#335 Redmo0n
For those confused about how to bet here's a quick guide:

Go to:

You will then see a small list of games, left click on the first game and it will take you to the betting page which has information about the amount of bets place, team ranking and how long unit the match starts.

Note: You can only bet up unit 5 minutes before the match starts!

On this page scroll down unit you see a box (called 'My bet'). In this type '1' to bet one tango (all you need to bet as the contest is based on how many you get right, not how many tangos you win). After that click on the circle for the team you wish to place your bet on and then click 'Save my Bet'.

Finally go back to:

From there you can select the next game a repeat the process again.

Good luck, hope this helped someone!

Gosubets - for ESWC