BlizzCon: Re-live the grand final with live report and screenshots

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 23 October 2011 03:22


Coming from the lower bracket, Mvp was down 0-1 in best of three sets. To turn it around he needed to win two best of threes against his team mate and upper bracket bane. Re-live the grand final with transcript from the live updates.

Set 1: Game 1: Antiga Shipyard [NesTea '11 | Mvp '5]
2-nestea-sc2-screen.jpgA comfortable map for NesTea with his defensive ability.
Cross map position.
Mvp with 12-rax 14-assimilator, NesTea with 15-hatch.

3-marines-kill-overlord.jpgMvp supply blocks NesTea by killing the first-scouting overlord at the right-side position with two marines.
Spine crawler at NesTea's natural, fends off the two hellions sent in by Mvp.

4-hellion-surrounded.jpg4 Hellions move in to kill a few drones, but NesTea surrounds them with his queen and his zerglings to take them out.
8 minutes in, Mvp gets his expansion up.
NesTea not messing up any of the fundamental larvae injects.

5-hellion-harass-drone.jpgMvp, now with blue hellion flame, kills almost NesTea's whole mineral line, having destroyed 24 drones in total.
Medivac Hellion drop, destroying 6 drones more and then flies away with two hellions inside that medivac.
NesTea adding a spire, not yet spotted by Mvp.
Mvp successfully scans the mutalisks.
Mvp drives in with the hellions to take out more drones, as NesTea's mutalisks fly in to Mvp's base.
Takes out the tech lab on the Factory to stop Thor training. Two Thors manages to get out in time to hold against the mutalisks.
NesTea backs up to instead focus on roach play and takes his third base.
Mvp with four Thors, four siege tanks, SCVs and some marines advancing on NesTea's position.
Mvp just outside the third position, NesTea tries to clean it out, but the many tanks and thors as well as SCVs repairing the mutalisks and roaches are no match to the Terran machinery.
And just as the third base falls, NesTea types out.

Set 1: Game 2: Shattered Temple [NesTea '3 | Mvp '12]
NesTea with another 15-hatch, MVp with 12-rax 14-assimilator.
Mvp with two marines into hellions and a Command Center on the way.
Fast Roach Warren from NesTea.
Baneling Nest thrown down by Nestea.
Mvp adds two more barracks.

1-baneling-bust.jpg2-mvp-holds-push.jpgNesTea seems to have a fast win on his mind, morphing his banelings just outside Mvp's base. NesTea goes for a push, banelings destroying the supply depot to gain access inside - but Mvp holds after pulling his SCVs.
Mvp counter-attacks with 10 marines and a siege tanks - will continue to press NesTea.

3-mvp-counters-wins.jpgNesTea pulls drones, but can not break Mvp's push.
2-0 in the set, and we'll be going into a new best of three. Set score now 1-1.

Set 2: Game 1: Antiga Shipyard [NesTea 11' | Mvp '5]
Mvp with a 15-command center, NesTea with a 15-hatch.
Mvp lands his command center, and gets double refineries and four barracks.
NesTea droning up, and will be taking his third base. Baneling Nest built.
Mvp researching stim pack.
Builds only marines, marauders and SCVs.
NesTea with a zergling/baneling mix.
Mvp spreading his infantry out while destroying the destructible debris.

1-mvp-troop-outside.jpgMvp manages to scan to see every army unit of NesTea and decides to fall back.
NesTea's spire pops up.
Mvp falling way behind in worker count.
NesTea at 180 and Mvp at 110.
Mvp attempts a drop, but Nestea's mutalisks sniff them up to take it out.
21 banelings, 100 zerglings and 13 mutalisks out on the field.

2-nestea-moving-in.jpgMorphing 14 more banelings in the middle of the map, preparing for an attack. Moves in, kills almost the entire front line of Mvp. At the same time, he expands to three more places at the map.

Set 2: Game 2: Shattered Temple [NesTea '2 | Mvp '10]
NesTea with a bit later gas, other than that we have 15-hatch and 12-rax.
Double Hellion into command center.
NesTea playing it safe with a spine crawler at the natural.
NesTea playing completely in the dark.
Mvp with four hellions outside.
NesTea seems to be going mass zergling play.
Mvp with a probable marine siege tank game.

1-mvp-timing-attack.jpgMvp with a two tank 8 marine push. An incredible push that throws NesTea completely off.

2-mvp-attacks-nestea.jpgNesTea made far too many workers and suffered from it.
Mvp having only lost 9 units, compared to NesTea's 95.


Set 2: Game 3: Shakuras Plateau [NesTea '2 | Mvp '10]
NesTea with standard expansion, Mvp with the safe double Hellion opening.

1-mvp-offensive-bunker.jpgMvp with an offensive bunker, wants to delay the spine crawler by pushing out some additional zerglings.
6 zerglings out for NesTea.
Mvp with four marines out on the field, putting additional pressure on NesTea - adds spine crawler and some more zerglings.
9 zerglings moving in to Mvp's base, but Mvp's hellions can easily roast those.
Quick Lair from NesTea.
NesTea with baneling nest, spire and a macro hatch at the natural.
Mvp's third orbital command out.
NesTea with a 45-44 worker lead.
Siege tanks getting upgrades, stim and combat shields on the way.
NesTea building five mutalisks.
Mvp with only one missile turret, timed perfectly as NesTea moves in his mutalisks a second too late.
NesTea takes third and fourth to the right.

2-nestea-mutalisk-harass.jpgNesTea trying to find an entrance with the mutas to Mvp's base.
85 drones for NesTea.
NesTea moves in with 20 mutalisks to the natural of Mvp, but turrets are there to defend.
Hive started for NesTea, and the mutalisks move in to the main.
NesTea picks up the fourth expansion of Mvp.
Mutalisks take out the armory and the reactor on the starport hindering the viking count.
Brood Lords morphing in for NesTea, Mvp has seen the Hive though.
Goes for some marine drops at the bottom right and the main of Nestea.

3-broodlings-enter.jpgBrood Lords moving in now to the third expansion of Mvp, but there's only two vikings to defend against the brood lords.
A scary mutalisk/brood lord force for Nestea.

4-broodlords-into-base.jpgMvp sniping the brood lords with the ghosts, breaks the lord count with his ghosts.

5-nestea-baneling-morphing.jpgNesTea with 7000 minerals now, decides to morph in 46 banelings.

6-baneling-nydus-network.jpgNydus Network being built by NesTea.
Thors out for Mvp.

The nydus gets denied at the bottom left by marines.
13 ghosts for Mvp.
Mvp's play is to deny the mid top and bottom expansions with marines.
48 banelings, 64 more banelings incoming. 3-3 upgrades.
Mvp builds more Orbital Commands in the middle. NesTea with five ultralisks in the middle.
Mvp adds more and more ghosts as his marines die in the drop attempts.
13,000 minerals for NesTea. 32 minutes in to the game.
Nuclear Missile building for Mvp.

7-nuke-bottom-expandion.jpgMvp nukes fourth base of NesTea, while NesTea drops Mvp's main.

8-zerg-drop-sniped.jpgMvp snipes the overlords, NesTea is now supply blocked.
Mvp continues to do marine drops, killing the undefended bases for Nestea.
3 nukes in production for Mvp, NesTea down at 130 supply.
NesTea adding 14 corruptors.
Three nukes land at NesTea's outer expansions.
NesTea gets 20 brood lords, MVP keeps on nuking.
Mid, bottom expansion and top expansion.

9-28-broodlords-incoming.jpgBrood Lords and Corruptors move in to Mvp's huuuge army. Ghosts in good position to snipe off the brood lords.

10-snipes-ending-blizzcon.jpgSNIPES! MVP WINS BLIZZCON!
18 ghosts, 14 vikings versus 27 brood lord to end BlizzCon!