HFGL interviews LGD's ddc

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 18 October 2011 11:41
DDC (middle) with LGD at Wuxi Cup

With the Hao Fang Golden League smoothly entering its playoffs, all eyes are centered on the eight qualified teams who will be battling it out for $4,700 (here). Today, we bring you an interview with LGD's ddc, who will be playing his round 1 match against WE on the 19th of October.

Hello DDC, give us a short introduction.
-"Hello everybody, I'm DDC and I hail from Macao."

What are the main differences between your days at CCM and playing with LGD?
-"There wasn't any major difference, since no one really noticed me as having transferred over from CCM."

After you arrived at LGD, have you ever met Star (S-God)? Has he brought you to own pub-stackers (five friends who stick together to own pubs)?
-"He's been pretty busy lately so we have not had a chance to meet in person. I haven't went 'stack-crashing' with him yet although I've tried to play against him when he's stacked but failed."

I read on MicroBlog that ZSMJ tried to make a milk drink himself. Was it meant for the LGD squad? How did it taste?
-"If I recall correctly, the five of us drank it and the fact that we're still alive is proof of God at work. Let's not even go to whether it tastes good - as long as it didn't kill us, I was cool with it."

Have you tried the LGD hot sauce? What do you think about it?
-"Oh yes, I frequently eat with it. It's not bad."

Has leaving your hometown and coming to mainland to play DotA professionally brought up anything you're not accustomed to? Have you encountered anything that left an impression on you?
-"There's nothing not to get used to; I hold a 'fun' outlook regarding living here. However, the smell of smelly tofu (Chinese delicacy) is really commonplace in the mainland, and I have never been able to summon the courage to try it - the pungent smell is too much for me."

Do you have anything to say to xiao8, who's helping to fill out for WE in G-League?
-"I have nothing much to say. I'm not very familiar with saying encouraging or inspiring things."

Do you have any up and coming strategies with LGD? How does the team work out details like role distribution, bans and picks, and laning at competitions?
-"We'll have to wait for xiao8 to finish playing for WE before we can start training officially. Currently, our bans and picks are usually handled by him. With regards to strategies, we'll always go for heroes that offer the best win percentages.

After Wuxi Cup concluded, we still decided to put ZSMJ as our hard carry, DD and xiao8 as the semi-carry or solo mid, while Yao and I take the support roles. As for laning, we'll decide depending on our opponent's and our picks."

LGD will meet WE in the first round of HFGL playoffs. What do you think are your odds of winning and what are your overall goals for the tournament?
-"I guess 50%. Our goal for HFGL is to study and hopefully emulate DK's mentality - doing our best to tear all our opponents apart."

What are you thoughts on HFGL's prize distribution?
-"Very well managed."

Any last words for your fans?
-"We'll definitely try our best so thank you for all your support!"

Support DDC in his upcoming match here. Game will be casted live by Luminous tomorrow at 14:00 CET.

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