ICSC 9 - Groupstage 3

Posted by Brett "Brettis" C at 05 October 2011 15:29
With groupstage 3 completed, the offline LAN finals for ICSC 9 draw closer, after an action-packed round of games. After the three groupstages and a lot of great games, we finally have the contenders for the prize pool in Kiev.

ICSC 9 - Groupstage III
Group AGroup B
France Virus3102Denmark Monkey3102
Macedonia GC3102Germany GGnet3102
Sweden EMC3111Russia Moscow53102
Ukraine Hard Team3012Ukraine Na`Vi3030

With only 8 teams left, the competition was sure to be tight, and it showed. Many of the games being draws left the race to the LAN finals open till right till the end. Group A, not to be overshadowed by Group B, which was labeled by many as the 'group of death', also proved to be a strong group. This was shown by Hard Team, whom went through the last groupstage undefeated, yet they were the only team to be knocked out from Group A. Strong performances from GC, Virus and EMC see them progress into the final 6 in Kiev.

Group B had a lot of twists and turns, firstly being Monkey surprisingly beating Na'Vi 2-0 in the only game Na'Vi played in the round. Na'Vi missing two players on the day of play, making them have to forfeit against both and M5. Every game between being drawn shows just how close the competition is. With the three-way-tie in place,, Monkey and M5 all progress to the finals in Kiev.

ICSC 9 Finals Prizepool
First $3000 US
Second $2000 US
Third $1500 US
$500 US

The LAN finals will be held in Kiev on the 8th and 9th of October starting at 12:00 +1GMT 8th October.

Qualified Teams:

France Virus
Macedonia GC
Sweden EMC
Germany GGnet
Denmark Monkey
Russia Moscow5

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