GosuGamers Creative Writing beta key giveaway

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 01 October 2011 23:57

GosuGamers is proud to announce its latest giveaway - the GG creative writing giveaway. Celebrating the creativity and literary flair of the users here at GosuGamers, two Dota 2 beta keys will be issued to the best two short stories submitted to us based on the given theme.

The theme for this event is:

"Living a day as a DotA hero in real life"

Users are encouraged to be creative in the interpretation of our theme. Imagine boring tasks that can suddenly be made interesting when done in the capacity of a DotA hero - for example, brushing your teeth as a hero with no hands (Puck). Transform everyday scenarios into unique encounters as your DotA hero has to cope with his spells, mannerisms and physical appearance to deal with real life for a day.

All submissions must be written in English and run between 850 and 1,250 words in length, excluding title of submission. Any submission containing vulgar, overly graphic and/or irrelevant content that does not fit the theme will be ignored - this will be based on the discretion of the judging panel.

Interested users must submit their entries before 24:00 CET on 9th October. All you have to do is sinply send a PM to AleciaMoore with your short story. The title of your PM must be "GG Creative Writing - [GG Username]" while your body should include no more than a title and the main story. Any unnecessary text may result in a void of your entry.

Two Dota 2 beta keys will be given to the top two submissions. Will you be one of them?