ROCCAT GosuCup #4: The groups

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 25 September 2011 23:07
Alongside the winners of the last three qualifiers, we present you the groupstage, that will entertain us for the upcoming two weeks. Until the 9th of October, teams are allowed to schedule their best of one-held matches freely. What follows are the 32 teams, who emerged victorious in on of the eight qualifiers of the last three weeks.

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Denmark Monkeyb.Russia OSiRussia FiveStarsSweden EMC
Germany .exeFrance VirusSweden RangersGreece F|Five
Sweden FUBARTurkey KYeGermany PANZERMacedonia GC
Egypt [CC]Greece iconBulgaria S4MEurope CC
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
United States ez StyleBrazil uEMalaysia MUFCMalaysia Orange
Argentina BK|(Peru A51Malaysia RGC.AGLSingapore GGHT
Peru PDIArgentina LOST.arVietnam SkyNetMalaysia GizMo
Other DIEUnited States Waffle FortMalaysia NobleMalaysia ReD

Teams were categorized randomly within their region. The default schedule is
Round 1:
2011-09-26 until
Slot 1 vs Slot 4
Slot 2 vs Slot 3
Round 2:
2011-09-30 until
Slot 1 vs Slot 2
Slot 3 vs Slot 4
Round 3
2011-10-05 until
Slot 1 vs Slot 3
Slot 2 vs Slot 4

which teams can divert from. However match-threads in the GosuCup #4 forum get only posted by the start of the time-frame for a new round. The threads for the first round have already been created. All games that have not been played until the 9th of October will get counted as default loss for both teams.

As can be seen above, teams remain playing within their region and will unite later when the playoffs fall. All upcoming matches will recieve a GosuBet and either a video- or WTV-stream.

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