Crystal returns to EHOME

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 23 September 2011 21:02
Crystal (FCB) playing for EHOME at Gamescom

After a string of demoralizing defeats and disappointing performances, EHOME has finally decided to take action. Today, it was revealed that Crystal will be making his return to the scene, and hopefully it will pull EHOME out of this depression.

With Crystal retiring from the scene after Gamescom, EHOME met with struggle and loss at G-League, HFGL, WDC and even the recent Wuxi Cup. APR, the new carry who took Crystal's place, was seemingly unable to keep up with the momentum and pace of tier 1 competition.

In their previous match against WE, EHOME surprised viewers with a revamped roster - one that contained Crystal (FCB) as its main carry. Speculations have materialized as fact - in a special interview with Crystal, he speaks about his life after retirement and his impetus behind his return.

Why don't you give us a short introduction about yourself?
-"Hi everybody, I'm Crystal, the guy who's loved and hated by many."

EHOME has been on a losing streak lately, and yesterday we saw you coming to the team's rescue in a match against WE, which you guys later won. As part of EHOME once, how do you feel about the team getting back on its feet again?
-"Well, if you put it that way, somehow I was fated to "rescue" them. I live very near Wuxi, so I decided to play with my friends. Coincidentally, when I was there, they were looking for someone to carry for them so I decided to fill in. EHOME really need to adjust themselves."

In your early days at EHOME, you were the target of much criticism yourself. How did you deal with this stress, and what do you have to say to the new players?
-"I guess that's how it was - but the mind is a strange phenomenon, and I guess it can vary from one person's to the other. When I was in EHOME, my mind never had to deal with any stress at all. Plus, I like to browse SGamer [forums], and I saw how badly I got flamed. Here's what I have to say to the new players - calm your mind, play your best. Oh, and don't visit SGamer [forums] as much!"

That's the wonder of SGamer I suppose - at times it can be a source of stress relief yet at others it can also push someone to their breaking point. You were right; it's all in the mind. Do you think the users here on SGamer should be more sensitive towards the feelings of professional players with regards to what they post?
-"I guess there's no need. Since we chose to play professionally, we are technically public figures and we should be able to deal with whatever opinions or judgments that are cast on us."

I guess the question on our minds is - were you filling in temporarily for EHOME or are you joining for good?
-"Initially I was under the impression that it was a one-off deal when I filled in for APR, but I have officially accepted their offer to return to EHOME."

People used to say that the team you longed to join the most was EHOME, and you have since became an irreplaceable member in the roster. What is your relationship to EHOME and to their manager 71?
-"I think I might have to set the record straight - I'm not a 'savior', I orchestrate the 'saves' (?). Saying that I was an irreplaceable member of EHOME might be too far-fetched. I was only a member, and I did not fulfill much. But if you had to pinpoint someone as being irreplaceable, it would definitely be 820. Oh, and after interacting with 71, I have learnt the value of working with my brains on whatever I'm doing.

I heard you're a fan of potato chips. You were spotted many times buying them.
-"Yup, any flavor any variety - I just love them!"

Last year, you represented Dream at the World DotA Championships. Regrettably, your team was eliminated at the group stages by eventual champions and could not proceed further. What were your impressions of the event?
-"It's definitely a pity.. Dream was a good team, honestly. It was also the team I was most emotionally invested in... I somehow feel that if we hadn't met EHOME in the group stages, we would have definitely gotten the championship title."

How would you expect everyone to react if EHOME fails to make it to the playoffs again? Last year, EHOME unfortunately took an early exit after falling to an interesting strategy from DTS.
-"DTS [sic] took my one million dollars; I'll definitely remember them for that. I heard there was still the possibility of getting a slot in WDC (for those that didn't make it the first time) via SMS voting. Here, I would beseech our fans, online friends and even the general audience to please support EHOME. We may not bring you clear skies (spring) but we'll certainly not leave you with disappointing showers (winter)."

The Grand Finals of WDC this year will be played on 11th November (11/11/11). If EHOME makes it to the offline finals, will you be bringing anyone special to the event?
-"Not everyone will believe me when I say this but I have never been in a relationship.. I had two crushes before, but that was it. I would like to see what the fuss is all about though.. but with things going as they are, I won't be bringing anyone with me to WDC."

Thank you. Any last shoutouts?
-"Thanks to WDC for this interview, and I hope everyone will continue supporting EHOME."

Some casual questions or follow-ups were left out during translation.

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