Diablo 3 beta has launched!

Posted by Q "Devt" Q at 21 September 2011 10:20
The much-awaited Diablo 3 closed beta has started last night.

In a move that I am sure was only made to make my recent news post look stupid, Blizzard has officially launched the closed Diablo 3 beta last night.

The very limited response from lucky beta participants suggest that the first wave of invites was indeed a small one, with the media getting their invites at the same time. When exactly the next wave is being rolled out as well as how many of them there will be in total is, of course, kept secret.

If you've been chosen to participate, you will find Diablo 3 added to your games in your account. You may choose to wait for an eMail by Blizzard for confirmation but as with all of their betas, these tend to arrive late in most cases.

The full announcement can be found in the link below. GosuGamers wishes you good luck and happy F5'ing.

Links - official beta announcement