Argh League XV gets started

Posted by Nicolas "Isildur" Osef at 19 September 2011 15:00
After the month given to the teams to sign in, the Argh League XV has started today, with the publication of the brackets.

To make this 15th edition faster than the previous one, administrators of the french league changed the organisation.

First, the 74 registered teams will be divised in 16 groups to play best of one games. The first and second of each group will be qualified for the brackets, where games will be played in a best of three. The winners of the loser and winner brackets will then play the final in a best of five match.

If you are one of the 74 teams listed below, you can already get in touch with your opponent to schedule your game.

Argh League XV - Groupstage
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
France abc
Romania F5
Poland IGV
Germany Panzer
United States Die
France FB
France PC
Europe z-sM
France 1337
Serbia 4GL
Germany IdP
Jordan yR
France 010
Europe FoXi
Germany grb
France Virus
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Netherlands DCom
France iA^
Europe mfg
Europe oD
Europe Skt
Europe dnW
Europe FpG
Croatia SE
Romania sTurtle
Jordan C4
Europe MOD
Germany raGe
Slovakia S.
Serbia Bans
Sweden DRz
Germany Infy
Argentina moaG
France TmT
Group IGroup JGroup KGroup L
France bLr
Europe CTT
Bulgaria forget
France MI6
Czech Republic mTl.Tt
Greece Cnd
Serbia Decerto
France eXe
Europe FoA
Europe KoS
Europe eSdom
Serbia eu4ia
Croatia JRK
Croatia NeC
Bulgaria S4M
Greece Imba
Greece F|Five|
Romania 7561
Bulgaria BG
France WoS32
Group MGroup NGroup OGroup P
Colombia Dmnd
Czech Republic eE
France LND
Romania nSr
France wGu.971
Croatia BIP
Venezuela CSG
Sweden FUBA
Jordan T_T
Romania xvDo
Jordan HpR
Europe intel
Poland K4F
Lebanon STK
Denmark TB
Germany FY
Sweden Rangers
Serbia TvL
France Tropico
Ukraine whois

For more information on Argh Dota League, feel free to contact administrators on #argh.league or hit the link below.

Links - Argh Dota League 15 groups
GosuGamers - Argh League opens registration