"I can’t imagine a person that deserves [The International] more than Puppey."

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 14 September 2011 09:46
Dendi with KuroKy

After a performance at Gamescom that did not live up to expectations, KuroKy and the team went absent for a period of time before returning for ICS 9. Accepting an interview by Prodota, KuroKy speaks up about his plans for the future as well as his opinion on Gamescom.

Hi KuroKy. First of all, I would like to thank you for agreeing to do this interview.
-"Zdarova mujik."

Let's begin on a not-so-distant memory of yours - The International. How upset did you feel when you failed to enter the top 8? What were the main reasons behind that failure?
-"From a personal view, it’s disappointing, but from a realistic perspective, I didn’t expect much due to low mental and physical state of the team."

Do you think Na'vi deserved the win? Tell us about your relationship with Puppey at the moment. Are you still mad at him? Did you personally congratulate him for his win?
-"The winner always has more reasons to win than everyone else. I was never mad at Puppey; I encouraged his decision and developments. Sadly I couldn’t congratulate him personally, as I had to go to the airport while the last game was played, but I can’t imagine a person that deserves it more than Puppey."

In general, what were your impressions about this event? Did you like Dota 2?
-"The event was nice - it was in my home country so I felt comfortable. Dota 2 is an OK game. I haven’t played it enough yet to give a precise opinion.

Do you play Dota2 now or do you just focus on usual Dota?
-"I play both games, but mostly DotA 1."

Many of our readers are interested to know how the pick/bans stage work in your team? Is it your solely your decision or do you discuss the picks and bans with your team?
-"The process is discussed with the whole team, while I make the final choice."

Tell us about the atmosphere in your team at moment. During the last game you had to play with some standins and is this quote from Kebab's blog still true ("We will train like we never did before.")?
-"Atmosphere is very silent. I don’t know why Kebap wrote this quote, it’s not true."

What do you have to say about MYM? And is it true that they initially wanted your team to play under their organisation before they decided to go with Scythe?
-"No comment, but good luck to the new MYM. I am looking for a different path to go."

What can you say about latest roster changes in M5 ? Vigoss + PGG - are you afraid of them?
-"PGG deserves to play in a great team, ever since the departure from TEAMHOME I wished that he would find a strong team. If they work on discipline and methods, combine their morals to one, make use of earth and heaven, they are capable of placing top 3 in most competitions."

Tell us about your future plans. What events are you going to visit ? will we see you this autumn in Kiev at ASUS?
-"If I can rebuild the team this month, I want to go to most tournaments. Otherwise I will stay teamless/inactive until I get a good offer."

On your opinion, what 5 teams will we see on top of the world DotA scene after SMM, WDC, ESWC?
-"M5 and Na’Vi will be the contenders for Europe, the rest is up to the current state and stability of most Chinese/SEA/Europe teams."

Thank you for your time Kuro, wishing you good luck in all your beginnings. Do you want to say something in the end?
-"Cherepaha, klubnika, pomidor, thanks. Wish me luck, because I really need it."

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