An update on HFGL

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 14 September 2011 00:18

The international online Hao Fang Golden League (HFGL) is halfway through its group stages and has already seen more than its fair share of controversy. Nevertheless, four teams have already made it past group stages, and they are LGD, iG.Y, Tyloo and WE.

Both the replacement of MYM with M5 (see) and the subsequent disqualification of M5 due to unauthorized release of replays (see) sparked uproar in the international community. Despite impassioned opinions on both sides, the decision was firm and the call has been made to proceed.

Groups Stage Results
Group CGroup D
China WE2-0-06China iG.Y2-0-06
China Tyloo1-0-13China LGD1-0-13
Russia M50-0-20Malaysia MUFC0-0-20

The remaining weeks of September will pit another six teams against each other and only two will proceed. At the moment, the brackets stand strong with four Chinese teams - but will we finally see an outlander?

Groups A/B
16/9China iG.ZvsChina DK
17/9China iG.ZvsVietnam SB
21/9China DKvsVietnam SB
23/9China Nirvana.cnvsChina EHOME
24/9Ukraine Na'VivsChina EHOME
28/9Ukraine Na'VivsChina

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