DK faces PanDa in G-league Chengdu finals

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 10 September 2011 20:32

Unbeknownst to some, the second season of G-league is well on its way. Gathering its finalist teams through state qualifiers, the competition is about to produce its fifth finalist from Chengdu with the deciding match played tomorrow, 11th of September at 07:00 CET. The contesting teams are DK and PanDa and a Chinese stream will be provided for viewers.

G-League Chengdu Finals
China LongDDChina HayabusA
China BurningChina yAobAi
China ZippoChina WinD
China xBChina MU
China YueruChina Hao

Touted as the 'revival of CH', the new DK roster has three former CH players (Burning, LongDD, xB) playing together. Much can be expected from what this old trio can summon against their opponents, who only recently picked up Hao to fill up the void left by Benz. It might prove to be shaky start for both teams although a couple of surprises may spring tomorrow.

On a side note, it is worth mentioning that the four teams who have already qualified for the national finals of G-League are the following:

Qualified Teams
Shanghai Finalist: China Tyloo
Changsha Finalist: China DtHf
Hebei Finalist: China iG.Y
Beijing Finalist: China iG.Z

What will happen tomorrow? With both teams shrouded since their last transfer, the result may just surprise you.

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