820 pays tribute

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 09 September 2011 09:05
Yesterday, news emerged of EHOME's charismatic captain 820's retirement from competitive DotA, news that sent shockwaves through the DotA world. Tributes to this great player started to pour in, and now even IceFrog has chimed in.

In a few entries from his microblog, 820 expressed his sense of gratitude towards EHOME manager 71, as well as his fans. At the same time he revealed that he would not be leaving the DotA world totally, but rather will contribute in another capacity, not as a player.

-"I wish EHOME and my former team mates the best of success in the second half of the year! The reason I left was to give myself a temporary break, to relieve whatever pressure has built up since the beginning of the year. I will continue to strive for the sake of the people who like me, but not in the capacity of being player, but rather contribute to the scene via other methods. EHOME! China DotA!"

-"I arrived in Shanghai yesterday night, I'm still not used to it. I am very grateful to EHOME for accompanying me in this journey, through the numerous ups and downs. Thank you 71, for you have taught me many things. Thanks to whoever has helped me in one way or another, I have only my actions to repay your kindness. Thanks to all of my fans, you have gave meaning to my existence, and with you behind me I am fearless."

To all of his adoring fans, this undoubtedly comes as great news. In what capacity will 820 return? This is the question that many people will want answered.

-"820 will forever be a legend in the DotA world. I wish him all the best in whatever he decides to do."

820 humbly replied that IceFrogs compliment and belief in him was the greatest payment for all his hardwork in the last few years.

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