Fenix departs from Team Fnatic

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 24 August 2011 10:20
Photo by: Team Fnatic

Peruvian terran Jian Carlo Morayra "Fenix" Alejo departs from team Fnatic.MSI after staying there for 18 months. Fenix shares that he has projects to achieve in Korea and thus the partnership between him and the team must come to an end.

Fenix has been one of the most successful Latin American players. To his account belongs the IEM V American Championship crown and he recently was awarded a GSL invite thanks to his performance at MLG Columbus.

- "I want to say thanks to the team FnaticMSI for the support that they gave," says Fenix's statement on "To be about 18 month in FnaticMSI was a great experience. But everything has to end and this was the end for me and my team. I have projects in Korea and I will be here in for a longer time and achieve my intentions. I want to thanks to all the manager of FnaticMSI and to the players that were like family. Up to another opportunity!"

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