EHOME triumph over Moscow5

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 20 August 2011 15:11
One of the best games of Dota2 until this point has just seen EHOME dealing the deadly blow to the Russian flagship squad Moscow5. The DotA veterans may continue to hold the Chinese flag high, as they will now have to prepare for the arguably tougher opponent, MYM.

Loser Bracket, Round 4
Russia M5China EHOME
crystal maiden M5.NSLoveOlga
ancient aparition M5.Dread
storm spirit M5.G
lich M5.Santa
slardar M5.AA
earthshaker EH.GIGABTE.820
sandking EH.GIGABTE.357
vengeful spirit EH.GIGABTE.FCB
tinker EH.GIGABTE.X!!

Moscow5 delivered an epic fight nontheless and appeared as the winner for a long time. Due to sensational team play however and the Chinese end game heroes, becoming stronger and stronger and stronger, EHOME somehow managed to turn the game. Despite a great early game with a substantial lead, Moscow5 on the other hand, were not able to keep their momentum up and found themselves more and more in trouble towards the end of the game. Watch EHOME winning again in the following clip.

EHOME will now face MYM in the last round before the loser bracket final, to be played after the best of three winner bracket final between Na`Vi and Scythe.