The International, Group A: EHOME defeat iG after 90-minute fight

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 17 August 2011 13:03

Group A
1.Slovakia SGC11-03
2.China EHOME11-03
3.China iG10-10
4.Philippines MSKI.Asus10-10

The International's group A finally caught up to the quickly finished matches from group B. A main part of the delay was caused by the intense opening battle of EHOME versus iG.

Despite the regularly malfunctioning streams and a lot of pauses, the match can be described as a trademark match of Chinese DotA, showcasing all qualities that audiences appreciate when watching DotA matches from the country. Top-class, but long focusing on few essential clashes and spending a major part of the time on farming.

After back and forth battles, EHOME finally managed to score a 4-0 in a team fight, clearing the way to the throne, iG typed GG and the game found a winner. A small peak into the sealed booth can be watched below.

In the other match, last-minute attender SGC caught a good start against MSKI sharing the lead with EHOME.