'But then there was A LOT of screaming.'

Posted by Matthew "LuckoftheIrish" Roberts at 16 August 2011 13:23
Ok we lied, we have one more pre-Gamescom interview. Nevo's support player, eatenfish gets the spotlight this time around.

How did this team come to be? What were your immediate goals?
eatenfish: "After leaving mYm, AngeL and miGGel needed a break from the really serious competitive gaming, so we started faxe kondi together with me and a few other old friends. We had not planned to actually take it very seriously, but we ended up actually doing pretty good in our scrims, and felt like we could compete with some of the best teams in Europe. So ESWC 2010 came, and we didn’t get invited, which was a big letdown for us and we ended up splitting up. AngeL and miGGel started playing LoL, where Synderen, who also was without a team after eswc, approached them with the idea to make a DotA team.

They picked up Ryze and Blaze, and Shift was formed. Though doing well, they quickly realized that blaze did not fit the support role they wanted him to play. So they approached me and convinced me to abandon dragon slaying in World of Warcraft. I was very doubtful about this at first, they formed Shift with the intention to be a top tier team, and I wasn’t sure that I would cut it in that league, but I ended up caving, and haven’t regretted it one bit!"

We all thought he(Synderen) was trolling us.
How did you feel when you learned the prizepool for the Dota2 Invitational?
eatenfish: "When Synderen first told us the pricepool over ventrilo, we all thought he was trolling us – he had to actually post the irclog of icefrog telling him, before we believed it! But then there was A LOT of screaming. To be one of the 16 teams invited to the biggest e-sports tournament ever is just an amazing feeling!"

Ryze: "I didn't believe it to begin with. Maelk told me about it and I was sure that he was trolling, but when I saw the news myself I realized that it's for real! I'll never doubt you again ;D
For me 1million USD for 1st place is unbelievable."

Other than your own team, who's the favorite to walk away with Valve's $1 million prize?
eatenfish: "If there’s ever been a time where every team has a chance to win, this is it! Though having much the same feel as dota1, it’s still a whole new game, and players haven’t had a lot of time to prepare. That being said, I think mym will be the top contender to the million. They have been showing an amazing form lately, not to mention that they’re bootcamping all the way up to the tournament."

Ryze: "MYM."

What are your plans for future tournaments?
eatenfish: "We are still planning on attending WDC and SMM, or at the very least one of them, and we are convinced that this will be financial possible."

The general idea is to not feed as much as the other solo laner
When shift was first formed, you were both a bit unknown. The few people familiar with you spoke highly of you, but others were skeptical. Do you feel you've proven yourself as a top player in the European scene? What aspects of your game do you need to improve?
eatenfish: "I think my biggest weakness is my ability to farm, or rather the lack of that ability, I really really suck at last hitting, but fortunately I am playing with 4 players that are all very good at this, so it’s not that big of a deal, though I am still trying my best to improve!"

Ryze: "Prior to shift, I used to play hardcarries, semi-carries or full-/2nd support and I used to play in most inhouse leagues on IRC getting top 5 places in every league I participated in. I got in contact with MYM and played with them during DSrack LAN and it was a dream come true ;) I wanted to go inactive and focus on my studies, but syndereN contacted me and convinced me to keep playing.

I changed my role a lot of times and have played many heroes outside my comfort zone. I am slowly becoming a much more versatile player and a bigger asset to my team. I'm often assigned to the off-lane with heroes such as Enigma, WR, Weaver, Bat, Lich etc and playing against a trilane.

The general idea is to not feed as much as the other solo laner and put enough pressure on the lane to draw as much attention from the enemy supports to your lane as possible - giving more space to your mid-laner and safe-laner. If it's solo vs solo - play aggressive and avoid ganks. It's a hard balance and I'm trying to get better at it every day - but I'm used to having more level and items than my enemies, so the sudden transfer to off-lane with less items and levels took some time to get used to.

Occasionally you'll see me playing heroes that I'm more experienced with such as Razor, Queen of Pain or Spectre.
AngeL and miGGel usually takes these heroes and they do a perfect job at it!

From the beginning of shift I've had a lot of troubles with my internet, often playing with a ping constantly changing between 200-20.000 and it has naturally affected my performance. One month ago I got new internet and it's lovely. You can expect me to be even stronger in the coming months.

I don't feel the need to prove myself as a top player in the European scene. I'm part of it. Not everyone on a team can shine or be the star-player, I'm there for my team and I wont let them down.

Proving myself begins with beating the Chinese. Shoutout to EHOME.357 for an awesome and stable Windrunner.

What I need to improve? I'm a macro-oriented player, so getting to know my team better will make me a stronger player. Personally I need to focus on laning, hero usage and being aggressive."

How would you rate your experience with the Denmark squad during MYM Prime Nations?
Ryze: "It was a great time playing with friends. My personal highlights were firstblooding vigoss in a solo vs solo lane without ganks in this game and a very great performance by me and mania in this game

It's always fun to play with the danish MYM-players(NO HATE DEMON<3) and everyone else on the Danish squad, so I'm looking forward to the next edition of MYM Prime Nations."

Guys, it's been a pleasure and thank you for your cooperation!
eatenfish: "My pleasure! And thanks."

Ryze: "Cool, thanks for the interview. Shoutouts to [insert your name], yes you :D "