ASUS Summer Groupstage I Results

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 13 August 2011 17:48
Slightly delayed ends the ASUS Summer group stage, with mostly favourites advancing. While the outcome in group A and C went as expected, Kazakh team Tenax set an exclamation point in group B, beating all three opponents and will advance alongside TR. ASUS debutants 4GL have to quit the field, NE.PENTIA passes due to winning their game the fastest.

Groupstage I
Group AGroup B
1.Ukraine Na`Vi33-091.Kazakhstan Tenax33-09
2.Russia OSI32-162.Russia TR32-16
3.Belarus PR31-233.Serbia 4GL31-23
4.Ukraine PGC30-304.Ukraine XTC30-30
Group CGroup D
1.France Virus33-091.Kazakhstan NEXT.kz33-09
2.Ukraine GZ32-164.Denmark NE.PENTIA31-23
3.Ukraine Hard Team31-233.Ukraine Goblin T.31-23
4.Belarus INEX30-302.Ukraine iV`aN DotA31-23

Similar to the ASUS Counter-Strike tournaments, the DotA event will now transition into a second groupstage, followed by single elimination playoffs between the best four. The groups for phase two have already been drawn and stand as follows:

Groupstage II
Group A2Group B2
Ukraine Na`ViRussia OSI
Russia The RetryKazakhstan Tenax
France VirusUkraine GameZone
Denmark NE.PENTIAKazakhstan