DotAlicious has its own booth at Gamescom

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 11 August 2011 19:17
Gamescom is a mere six days away, and it is anticipated to be a huge event for the future of DotA. On site to usher in a new generation of DotA players, DotAlicious Gaming has just announced that they would be present in Germany for Gamescom next week.

Fans who are making their way to Gamescom can stop by the DotAlicious booth which is located right in the middle of hall 9 at booth A061g/C060g. The crew will set up 10 PCs for those looking to play some DotA at the event or check out some of the features behind DotAlicious.

A special activity has also been planned where visitors can challenge DotAlicious admin Aussie for a slot in a best of three showmatch at the IEM pro-gaming area. Selected visitors will be get a chance to play with pro-gamers from all over the world alongside other selected participants.

Visitors can rest assured as Aussie and his staff will be at location for the entire event. Everyone is invited, so feel free to drop by and say hello. The staff would be on site to promote DotAlicious and reveal their plans for the future.

Last but not least, remember to look out for limited edition DotAlicious merchandise which will be available on stands next week. See you soon!

EDIT: The tournament will happen at the DotAlicious booth as opposed to the IEM booth that was reported before.

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