Korean Protoss HerO switch from oGs to Liquid

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 10 August 2011 16:11
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Song Hyun "HerO" Deok has transfered from Old Generations (oGs) to TeamLiquid after "four to five" months of negotiations. The Protoss player is the first Korean player on the "Blue's" roster.

Liquid head Victor "Nazgul" Goosens scouted HerO and found a player he believed would fit well in the team.

- "He understood the value of improving his English so that he could better communicate with Liquid players, and became good friends with Jinro and HuK during their time together at the oGs-TL house," said Goosens and admits that it was the mentioned Liquid duo that brought his attention to HerO in the first place.

HerO has also qualified for the second season of North American StarLeague and the RO32 of WCG Korea.

While winning the very first FXO Invitational is perhaps his most known tournament appearance, HerO did eliminate DongRaeGu in the GSL qualifiers back in July to reach the regular season of Code A.

- "While he still has a long way to go and a lot to prove, I believe that HerO is a player of that caliber. As a part of Liquid, I believe that he will seize the opportunities given to him," said Goosens.

HerO will be making his Liquid debute at MLG Raleigh, North Carolina on August 26-28.

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