TLO and Sjow get through the group stage

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 04 August 2011 19:49

Group D was the last one to complete before the final break of Day 1 of Assembly Summer and two of the fan favorites TLO and Sjow advance forward to the Ro16.

Sjow showed an incredibly dominant play finishing 6-0 in sets in Group D (the only other player with such final score is Dimaga in Group A). The terran comes victorious out of one of the most difficult pools at Assembly and is now to face team-mate Bischu in the Ro16.

TLO took the second place but only thanks to a nail-bitingly close overall score. With everyone except Sjow having a 1-2 match score, it all came down to comparing set advantage. Having a slightly better result (losing just one less мап), TLO advances to the elimination bracket over Adel, despite losing to him 1-2 earlier. TLO's opponent will be none other than Group A's champion Dimaga, so there are greater challenges still ahead of the talented German.