Serbian top players leave H2K

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 22 July 2011 02:46
It was roughly one month ago, when several seasoned veterans from Serbia and the Dutch multi gaming organization Hard 2 Kill announced a new and fruitful partnership. Now, DotA player SilentCat informed via the in-house blog section, that the team will depart from the club, due to experienced displeasure regarding the management.

Another blog entry by a retired staff member at the organization's website already indicated the misfortune, as H2K seem to be going through a critical transition-period in the management sector and will be put on ice for an unknown time span:
... it seems that the management that lead the h2k-gaming team left the building. Without a stable management it is not possible to proceed this website and gaming team.Therefore after 8 years of being part of the esports gaming scene, H2k-Gaming will close down his doors until further notice. ..., writes Jerry 'SanXx' Wikkeling in the unofficial blog.

As SilentCat argues in his entry, the major reason for the leaving lies in the lack of funds for the upcoming ASUS Summer in Kiev, which is planned to be held at the 14th of August. The full blog can be reached through the link section below.

Team H2K consisted of:
Serbia Gordan 'GordaN' Proshic
Serbia Marko 'Baja' Jovanovic
Serbia Marko 'SilentCat' Kovacevic
Serbia Andreja 'ANdre ' Mahovic
Croatia Damir 'Mitch-' (Zmaj) Skaricic
Serbia Nenad 'grizine' Lukic

GosuGamers has asked H2K for a statement regarding the matter.

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