Vietnam's Yuki speaks up about facing the Chinese

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 20 July 2011 22:54
Last week, we witnessed a series of solo matches where China emerged 3-0 victorious before the Vietnamese managed to pull back two consolation points. Today, we have with us Vietnamese management representative Yuki, who will share with us his impressions of last week's matches as well as his expectations for this week.

But before that - a few days ago, a second match-up was announced to supplement this week's edition of the Chinese-Vietnamese series of show matches. Sensationalized as the "revenge of CommeDieu", old school clan cD has agreed to regroup for the sole purpose of confronting their longstanding rivals StarsBoba once again.

With SB being champions of ACG '09 and '10, as well as being the team that denied cD the ACG '09 title in a spectacular showdown, it looks like these two teams have an overdue score to settle.

Managing correspondence as well as overseeing the participation of the Vietnamese side in this long series of show matches, Yuki has agreed to sit down with SGamer for an interview to discuss - although very briefly - his thoughts about what has happened and what will happen in the week(s) to come.

Firstly, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Vietnamese side for agreeing to participate in this series of show matches. What do you think about the teams involved?
-"Hi, the fact that the audience can expect to see two grand show matches in a week has left me rather surprised [sic]. I am sure that everyone is looking forward to these two matches with excitement and anticipation. cD is a team that dominated with an extremely powerful lineup, and hence this Friday's match will be a huge challenge for SB to undertake. Certainly, on the other hand, there is also no dubiety regarding the current strength and absolute might of LGD, for they are, in my perspective, one of the top three teams in China at the moment. They have players that never fail to amaze with their skill (e.g. ZSMJ, ChuaN, CH and etc)."

Last week, we saw Vietnam fall slightly behind 2:3 in the solo match-up. What are your predictions for this week's matches with cD and LGD?
-"The result of the solo matches was actually something which we had predicted and foresaw, and although they were but a tiny glimpse of the actual confrontation that would follow in the weeks ahead, there is no denying of the immense individual ability that the Chinese players possessed. At this point, I would like to congratulate you guys on your victory. Regarding the strategy and angle SB will employ to counter cD and LGD, I think it's best if I leave them to put up a show and surprise audiences this weekend."

Facing old rivals cD, how do you think this new line-up of SB will fare against theirs? And facing LGD for the second time, what are your feelings towards how this match will pan out?
-"I do not know how Zhou managed to get SanSheng and Insence back on the same team, for they are great players in their own respect. But, I still believe in the ability and leadership of Kailu and TrumTratkhop to pave SB into a victory over cD, perhaps with a score of 2:1."

What are your expectations and predictions for this week's matches?
-"At this point in time, it is very difficult to make accurate judgements, but I am hoping that cD and LGD will bring their 'A'-game this weekend."

"Revenge of CommeDieu"
China Zhou Vietnam 4|on
China SanSheng Vietnam Sosoon
China Zippo Vietnam Kailu
China Insence Vietnam Batteu
China Mamamiya Vietnam TrumTratkhop

Well, this Friday, fans can expect to see reformed ad hoc Chinese powerhouse CommeDieu taking on StarsBoba, while current powerhouse LGD will do the same on Saturday. With the pressure on both sides not to dishonor their country and to clinch the upper hand in this deep-seated rivalry once and for all, certainly both teams will be looking to be there (and, in the best frame of mind).

The question, now, would be - will you?

*The cD vs SB match will be played 22nd July, 14:00 CET (Gosubets)
*The LGD vs SB match will be played 23rd July, 14:00 CET (Gosubets)

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