'Monkey King' skills revealed

Posted by Alex "Gemmanite" Bianchi 3 years, 39 weeks ago
What started as Harlequin, a hero concept by [S2] Nome, has evolved into HoN's newest hero based on Chinese literary lore, The Monkey King.

(Q) Illusive Dash: The Monkey King quickly dashes forward a short distance, striking every enemy he contacts. Seconds later, he performs a second dash.

(W) Heavenly Vault: The Monkey King plays a game of leap frog on a series of opponents, using their heads as springboards to launch himself further. Unfortunately for his victims, monkey feet are heavy, and they are knocked backwards.

(E) Thousand Jin Slam: The Monkey King brings down his magic staff at full force, causing a mountain of earth to erupt in front of him, thrusting victims into the air before imploding.

(R) Flying Nimbus: Noncombat mount. When not taking damage, the Monkey King may choose to coast upon a magic cloud, granting movement speed and other bonuses.

The Monkey King is an almost completely reworked version of the original Harlequin concept. He sounds like he will function as a high-mobility ganker who wants to move between lanes and participate in as many small skirmishes as possible. While the ultimate seems rather weak (a more powerful Striders effect?), the "other bonuses" that have yet to be revealed could prove otherwise. The ultimate is also described as a "non-combat mount," but if it doesn't break on action, it would make The Monkey King's "strike without being struck" theme even stronger.


The Monkey King is said to be arriving very soon and is voiced by Matt Mercer, the voice of Street Fighter IV's Fei Long. Read the provided link for more insight from Nome himself. Going by S2 Games' regular hero release schedule, we can expect him to to be added into the game on Friday, July 29th.

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