The China vs Vietnam battle continues

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F 3 years, 23 weeks ago
Not too long ago, fans witnessed a showmatch between Vietnamese team WAG, and DtHf from China. The former triumphed over the latter 2:0. Today, Platform 11 has announced the complete schedule and lineup of what is happening for fans begging to see more of the Chinese-Vietnamese DotA rivalry. A lot more of action is promised as the showmatches span the remaining weeks of July.

The clash will start with both countries playing in solo matches, a high profile clan showmatch, and finally an orgasmic battle of the top teams from both countries one after another.

A stream has been announced by the organizers Platform 11. It has yet to be confirmed whether joinDotA shoutcaster TobiWanKenobi will be bringing casts for all or some the matches being played.

Solo Matchup:

When: 16th July, 14:00 CET
Where: Platform 11
Format: BO3

China - DtHf.Nada, Tyloo.DD, EHOME.FCB, CCM.430, We.i-Rocks.V
Vietnam - SB|Sosoon, SkyNet|TungCon, WaG|PV, WaG|S, G4V|Hoalua

Additional information:
1. The specific match-ups and schedule will be released on the day itself.
2. The mode will be -apomdunp.
3. The game will end after 3 kills or 2 towers taken on either side.
4. Using crows to refill bottles is forbidden.
5. For each game, Platform 11 will provide a list of 3 heroes. Each player will take turns banning one from the list, and then both players will use the last hero.

Clan Matchup:

When: 23rd July, 14:00 CET
Where: Platform 11
Format: BO3

China - LGD: YYF, ZSMJ, ChuaN, 830, Ch
Vietnam - SB: 4lon, TrumVe, kailu, batteu, TrumTratkhop

Nations Matchup:

When: 29th July - 31st July, 14:00 CET
Where: Platform 11
Format: BO1

China - CDEC, DtHf, SL,, TyLoo, DK, LGD
Vietnam - KST, CyZone, Siol, G4V, WaG, SkyNet, SB

Additional information:
1. The specific match-ups and schedule will be released on the day itself.
2. Each match-up will use a BO1 single elimination system. The team that is defeated will not be allowed to play anymore. However, the winning team will then go on to challenge the next team from the losing country.
3. After a team has won twice consecutively, they have to rest and allow the next team to play. They can only play their third match after all the teams from their country have played.
4. Once all the teams on one side have been defeated, the match is over.

Although the Vietnamese drew first blood, this clash is far from over. Perhaps the superior of the two countries will be revealed once and for all; fans of both sides and even those just looking to witness some epic DotA action can all look forward to a great July.

Stay tuned!

*Update (15/7) : Here are the match-ups for the solo event (source).
EHOME.FCB vs G4V|Hoalua
DH.Nada vs Wag|S
WE.i-Rocks.V vs Wag|PV
CCM.430 vs SB|Sosoon
TyLoo.DD vs Skynet|TungCon

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